Friday, November 19, 2010

Fixing it

Sad day: Blow drier stops working one morning. Spend week without blow drying hair. Some questionable hair days.
Happy day: We take apart hair drier, clean, clear, wiggle wires, put back together. Blow drier works. Bad hair days can no longer be blamed on broken hair drier.
Now what?
I looked at Target while I was waiting to have time to take it apart and found that hair driers are anywhere from about 18 dollars and up. Some cute patterned ones were 20. I could swing 20 bucks so my hair doesn't look like my head is exploding chaos. But by doing that, I'm spending 20 dollars on something I already have, and throwing away something that obviously could be fixed.
I'll start scoping out good hair driers in the event it breaks again, but for now an old hair drier is still working and blowing my hair in all directions.
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