Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby of Cuteness

While visiting Baby up in the chilly north I took lots of pictures with his mom's camera. None with mine. oops!

His holiday ornament is the 2010 baby boy ornament. I love Christmas ornaments. My sister and I both have our baby ornaments. She has a super cool baby buggy, and I have an etched glass toy box. I always thought hers was so superior!
Then I googled Hallmark baby ornaments. That was the ornament for the year she was born, and the toy box for mine. No one was loved more, Hallmark just had an off year (in my opinion) my year. I do appreciate my ornament more knowing it was probably the one to choose from.
I already miss holding baby.
Baby's mom, if you are reading this. Congratulations. You made a temporary escape from the constraints of Mommyhood. And I love you. And I want pictures.
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