Friday, February 4, 2011

Funny Family

Most people project themselves as "better" in public and then regress to a bit more of who they are at home.

Let's see if I can project a bit of my true self out there!

Setting the scene.

My bachelor uncle who is a retired dairy farmer who still lives on the working farm doesn't care much what other people think.  And he'll tell you that.  And he'll tell you a whole lot more. 

He doesn't do many things the 'normal' way, and certainly doesn't live in the 21st century.  His home is heated with a wood stove, his meals are meat, bread and potatoes, just to start.

Growing up we loved going to visit him and see the farm.  Where else could you see someone use a drawer handle to uncap a bottle of beer, watch home made root beer spray ALL over the kitchen when it was overdone, and see spills either cleaned up by the dog or covered up with newspaper. 

So when my sister takes the new baby over the river and through the woods to visit, I hoped his first visit would be as exciting as I remember our's being as a kid.

He wasn't let his mother said,

"You can't say I'm a bad mother for letting a dirty man put my baby on top of a knife with butter all over it..."

Let's dissect that though...

Uncle held the baby, then when he got tired of holding him didn't ask if someone else would hold him, just put him in the most convenient place possible.  Wa-la!

So where does that lead us?
dirty table with crumbs on it

Really, I've seen worse there so this can't be look at as ALL that messy.

On top of a knife.  Well.  Not right on top of it.  Plus, it doesn't look sharp.
I would like to make note of the can of specific beverage nearby. 

Again, I've seen worse.  So what if it's the same shirt he wore yesterday.  It was cold here and I wore the same sweat pants.  Maybe his was more than a day, but don't studies show early exposure to germs help immune systems?

Most importantly, it looks like baby nephew is following in our footsteps. 
Loving every minute of our less than normal family.