Monday, September 13, 2010

Book: The Other 8 Hours

This weekend include a fast read of the book:

I had seen a few people recommend this book on blogs and put it on hold at the public library. (can I just say I love the public library and all the FREE movies! (and books) They're great!)

At first I wasn't sure about the book. A few "real life stories" had me worried we'd be looking at Jane's life and seeing how it just didn't compare to Sally's life. However, the book progressed and I really felt energized and motivated.

Here were a few thoughts aka, the purple post-it note monster- you can figure out what the book was talking about...or just go read it yourself.

I work for about 10 hours a day excluding school blogging time I sleep (or want to) for 8 hours a night
drive 30 minutes a day
spend 1.5 hours eating or preparing meals a day
spend 1 hour getting ready for work/then bed
try to spend an hour with family
spend 1 hour relaxing/tv/surfing web
try to spend 30 minutes working on spirituality issues
exercise has been a 0
helping others has been a 0
my social time (unfortunately mostly FB during the week) is less than 10
hours a week

I'll be thinking about other "lessons learned" or at least acknowledged in a few future posts.