Thursday, January 6, 2011

For Thinking: Trees

January is a good time to think about life, goals, why's, how's, etc.

On a road trip to Oklahoma this last fall we drove across this sight.

Ideas as to what it could be?

My first thought is some kind of tree bug. But why not cut down the whole tree?

Then I thought perhaps some kind of tree pruning. But with no leaves, no photosynthesis, so why prune it to death?

Were the birds terrorizing the cars as they drove up the road?

Was someone really grumpy and took it out on the trees?

Do the trees from a different angle make letters and then form words?

Is it some kind of holiday decorating tactic to keep those pesky branches out of the way when you put up Christmas lights?

Cutting down on holiday joy? (pun intended)

Scene for depressing movie?

I just don't get it!