Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New System

Oh, how I love organization.
I'm not usually good consistently keeping it organized, but...
There is no before picture because it is too scary!

Yet when everything is finally organized, the joy!

From left to right: plastic ware for lunchbox, spatulas, small cooking utensils, small knives, spears, and spreaders. Bottom: measuring spoons and thread for yeast dough creations. Left: big spatulas, serving spoons, most favorite can opener, cookie dough scoop, garlic press, dough mixer remember!? and grater.

This is probably my favorite. We got them on our honeymoon. My kind of souvenir. Useful and something that will last!

I'd been looking and couldn't decide on any that I truly liked. I wanted stainless steel, narrow, skinny, and with at least 6 measurements. We found them and brought them home
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