Wednesday, August 11, 2010

100 Posts

I like milestones. So here is 100 posts in about 1/2 a year.

Why do I blog?

I liked the idea back in January and 99 posts later I seem to be liking it, but why?

  • It helps me 'collect memories' in a similar way that scrapbooking does, but since I haven't scrapbooked for *cough* 3 years, sharing is hear instead
  • I can easily integrate other tech. stuff like pictures or youtube into what I'm thinking about
  • Blogging has forced me to learn about something new.
  • Share with friends and family that might not otherwise see garage sale finds or food cooked.
  • I may be able to use my new blog skills for work realated-future blog.
  • It keeps me thinking

To any readers out there...if you read this...why do you read my blog?