Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where do you read?

School has started. I'm supposed to be sleeping at 9 and up by 5:30. Well, 5:39, or 5:41, or 5:50, ..let's be real 5:59. Ok, it's August, it is almost by 6:17.

But for the few minutes I do read before bed it's been the "Cookbook Collector" recently.
I finished "The Help", LOVED it, and passed it onto my mom. This book is ok but didn't have much of a chance after "The Help". Easy themes to follow, fun characters, and a pretty no stress plot. Nice to read a chapter and go to bed.

Yet tonight I was home and had eaten dinner before dark. I needed some TLC time with my garden. So I found a lawn chair, a spot that had a bit of room, and plopped myself down to read in the middle of my garden.

I can breathe so much better there. Time passes in a peculiar vortex that feels like forever, yet re-energizes me and only takes up a few moments of real time.

I need my sunshine, plants, flowers, vegetables, and yes, even the weeds are a reassuring reminder that there is work, time, air, and existence OUTSIDE of my normal day.
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