Monday, August 16, 2010

Out with the old...

Starting a new school year means reevaluating how to most effectively use my time without spinning in circles. Often I feel just like this hamster but without any of the exciting-hamster-health benefits of running on a wheel.

Here's some generalities...

Out with collecting assignments only to wait a month, reluctantly give a mediocre grade to, and decide it isn't even worth sending home.

In with giving and collecting purposeful assignments and taking a standards
based grade for!

Out with messy student areas where I don't want to clean it but don't hold the student's responsible.

In with making sure each week a certain amount of time is spent cleaning up,
clearing out, and putting everything away.

Out with file folders or copies laying around months after I need them.

In with refiling, recycling, or storing materials correctly one afternoon a

Out with messy student desks.

(Said with enormous hesitation while holding my breath) In with completely empty
student desks as they rotate to different rooms and store materials elsewhere.

Impossible to throw out the hours spent thinking about work, reviewing work, and working late....sigh.