Sunday, October 3, 2010

Awaiting a full room

I labeled this post "not so good things" comma "good things"

The freshly painted empty closet of my new niece or nephew. This is an incredibly good thing because my sister and her husband will be amazing parents.

And I know the baby already has more than will fit in the closet as soon as it gets arranged in there. Another amazingly good thing and a testament to the generosity of others.

And a place to create a room for a baby is a wonderful thing.

Except when I don't get to see it.

Or feel the baby kick before it is born.

Or most likely be there when it is born.

Or get to see the looks of joy on my sister's face.

Or melt at the tiny hands and feet.

Or help to decorate the room.

Or fold some tiny baby laundry.

Or see the baby every few days, or weeks...sigh...or even months.

Or buy a cute outfit at...(let's be real) a garage sale, go home and disinfect/wash it and go put it on unborn yet desperately waited for baby.

It's a good thing.

Except when it's not a good thing.