Tuesday, October 5, 2010

School Blog

If you haven't checked it out, More Than the ABC's is a blog I started this fall for my students, parents, and classroom. I love being able to share videos, pictures, and info quickly and easily on the blog.

I plan to stick with the same types of posts and format for the year but after reading The Other 8 Hours which I talk about here, and here, and here I wondered what else might become of such a blog someday.

What would I do if I didn't care if I failed, or even better...knew I would succeed?

Start a teacher blog that would promote great books and programs, and be an amazing resource for parents and students. I would want to encourage families to help raise independent thinkers in a supportive environment where they know more about the world around them every day. Students are excited and able to experience something new and encourage to try out new ideas.

I keep searching for a website that has those wonderful creative classroom ideas that sparks an interest in me as a teacher and could be supportive to parents who were reading it as well. I find a few that are nice, but still haven't seen that great ONE! Hmmm...

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