Sunday, October 17, 2010

Summit with a View

I've hiked to the top of Pikes Peak twice and never seen much of anything. Once was during the summer and by the time we got to the top in the afternoon it was IN a cloud and we could barely even find the summit house. The second time was my fault, it was a night hike and so !duh! when you get to the top you see sky, maybe a light or two between clouds, and then scurry back down.
This Wednesday was different!

The lazy way this time, a ride up the cog railway took about an hour. From the city Pikes Peak looked a bit cloudy but up top was above the clouds and it was beautiful.

Puffy clouds floated past and we looked down on a fluffy blanket of clouds hanging out below other mountain tops.
The clouds followed the mountain range north and south. Below you can see the cog railway track.
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