Monday, April 5, 2010

A To-Do List (an organized list too)

I'm in a list making mode and not so much a 'doing' mode so here it goes. I'm going to try categorizing my to-do list into sections that relate to each other to see if I am more productive or just more blindly ambitious.

Yard work and Gardening:

  • Create a plan for back 1/3 of yard

  • Transplant plants that are in the vegetable or flower garden area

  • Have dad use rototiller machine to chop up soil

  • Learn what loam is

  • Add loam to soil per friend who has a degree in this stuff

  • Take out weeds that are churned up

  • Run irrigation system to appropriate areas

  • Purchase seeds

  • Plant

  • Weed

  • Weed

  • Plant

  • Weed


  • Put laundry away

  • Do more laundry

  • Vacuum

  • Rearrange game / DVD cupboard so the door closes

  • Finally get rid of pile of junk in pantry that has been there for ever

  • Run and empty dish washer

  • Recycle (its overflowing)


  • Log PBS hours

  • Turn in 2 credit forms

  • Mail License at Post Office this week

  • Create Pioneer outfit for rendezvous day

  • Collect 5 graded assignments per subject by the end of next week

Personal Goals:

  • Read 1-2 hours per day

  • Continue to not have overdue fees at Library

  • Cook something real

  • Eat less sugar (jelly beans were the downfall today, cream the day before, cupcakes the day before, etc.)

  • Actually do something on my to-do list....tonight

  • Continue to compost
  • Update my list with accomplishments by Friday