Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blog Goals

Nothing fit's every set of rules perfectly. But I like making rules and trying to organize anything I can. So here I go for my blog...

Management Mondays - Keeping life under control and taken care of. AKA the to do list.

Tuesday on target - Setting goals and reaching for the stars. (at least until Thursday)

Wednesday Wins! - Great things can happen on a Wednesday, or any day but I'll write about it on Wednesday.

Thursday's with Thor - Limiting myself to complaining (only if necessary) once a week. Thor is the mythical Norse (you betcha!) god of thunder. His Mjöllnir, was the weapon of choice, while mine will be witty sarcasm or a version of SNL's Really!?!

Flashback Friday - Everyone needs to be reminded of the good ol' days. Or the not so good days. Or a place to capture those flashbacks. Friday's the day!

Smart Move Saturday - Everyone needs to brag once in a while.

Silent Sunday - Everyone needs a day of rest. Hopefully I'll remember to do that.