Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Free Race = Running Motivation

A Tuesday on Target: I ran twice this week. A tough goal but 2x this week helped me feel like it is possible.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get pictures to load in the order I would prefer in Blogger so this is a bit of a backwards post.

Important information - I ran twice this week. I always don't want to tell people because then they will know that I haven't run at all for a LONG time, am slow, and probably will have a tough time keeping on track to continue running. So this is my accountability. I ran, and would like to keep running a bit more frequently. Then I can have delicious berry, pineapple, yogurt and oat smoothies!

Purple pink awesomeness!
Race Start in MVP

The 1/2 mile turn around. I love running in Monument Valley Park!

The little guy that I ran with for about 1/2 the race. It is always a bit disappointing (like when this picture was taken) that they can be so fast but then my teacher mode kicks in and I'm so proud of kids that work hard and exercise!

My running accountability and smoothie consumer friend. Glad you made me get up on Saturday and run!!

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