Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flashback Friday - Water balloons

While cleaning this week I found a package of water balloons, and proceeded to head outside and fill up a bucket of those over sized jelly bean colored balloons of fun. As of yet I haven't had anyone to throw them at (or been willing to risk destroying some one's cell phone) but I'm waiting...

Remember waiting for your mom to fill them up while you stood there in your swimsuit ready to run into the backyard and attack who ever was there? Then we'd have a few hours on our blue slip'n'slide with soap and cold water. My parents have a small well that provided our 'play' water. The well didn't go down very deep and therefore wasn't necessarily pure water that we could drink. I always would end up with water in my mouth and wonder if something might happen to me. That fear was never enough to stop playing in the water.

Ah, fond memories of summertime.