Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Thing..Its Saturday...Its Spring...

Signs of hope keep popping up and bringing smiles to my face. Got to spend time with mom this morning including grocery shopping, Frappachino deals, free earrings at Kohls, and a spontanious garage sale that took a few extra turns to find but worth it. The frugalista within was so happy.

I'd like to come up with a garage sale rating system that includes, but is not limited to: good people, my 'kinda' stuff, good prices, willing to bargain, good neighborhood, and easy enough to look through. Based on that system I'd give this garage sale a 5/6 and found some stuff for me and school. I'm particularly excited about the skeleton gloves for the upcoming human body science unit. A few seams are pulled apart and I could ignore that or quickly whip stich them back together. Also, 6 pairs of scissors for a dollar and a few exacto knives thrown in as well made for a sweet deal! Now kids will have scissors instead of always loosing them!

Finally, when I realized it was an amazing warm day I took out my 4 month old poinsetta for a few hours of direct sunlight. As I just retrieved her from the back steps, (and the inspiration for this post) I saw this in the bed by the back steps.


If anything green comes out of the ground I'm happy and this is proof that the world does indeed still have life within! I realize for those calendar hindered people this might be a bit of a stretch but after week after week of blah, gray, cold, dark, depressing winter I'm claiming spring just as I needed it!