Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Signs of Spring

It's a bit more chilly today but with charged camera batteries I went in search of life in the backyard. Here's what I found. I was given some onion plants last year and they have sprouted so if I can figure out how to harvest them this year that would be cool. I'm going to need to start to figure out how to plant my garden this year. I feel like I have the motivation to weed around my baby plants so perhaps everything can be spaced out a bit better this year but the problem of how to water will have to continue to be addressed. Also pictured below are garlic scapes shooting up. These continue to come back and the green leaf part is just as good and garlic-ly as a garlic bulb so I'll be using these in some cooking soon!

The chives are also coming up out of the ground so those will be able to be used in cooking soon to my tongue's delight. I didn't know gardening would be such a hobby of mine. I hope that it doesn't become an obsession or competition between me and what other people do in their gardens so I'll have to guard against that! I like to be the best at what I do (doesn't everyone) and it is hard to distinguish the difference between those feelings and feelings of superiority etc. when other people or friends have similar hobbies.

Went to church again today which was wonderful. Or as the German song about the good shepherd was sung, vunderbah! (that's how I spell German sounding wonderful).

The sermon was about Christ being the gate and the good shepherd to us the sheep. We must be able to hear, distinguish, and know his voice to follow him. What that looks like today is certainly different that going to hear Him talk. We can only know and trust in his voice if we pursue and hear Him often, and trust in prayer that we are hearing from him. How can we know if we are following the good shepherd or a thief if we don't pursue a relationship with Him close enough to know the difference.

I see God's promises right now through the life in plants. The faith of a tiny mustard seed can sprout into a full and blooming plant. I pray for that kind of faith, (and fewer weeds!)