Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tonight I Need To...


I've been avoiding a whole bunch of work so here is my to-do list so cyberland or my brain or something holds me accountable. And if you're feeling nosey here's why:

  • Finish grades Friday evening ( Biggest and worst goal. Don't want to do it and eek! due Monday and Jenny's arriving)
  • Vacuum tonight (just a good idea)
  • Clean bathroom tonight (another quick good idea)
  • put laundry away before Saturday night (hence, Jenny's arriving)
  • Put fabric away tonight (it's annoying to have to step over to get to the closet)
  • Do yoga tomorrow morning (it is good for me)
  • put books back on bookshelf tonight (there is a piece of furniture called a bookshelf for a reason, use it silly Karin)
  • Whiten teeth with free whiteners that came in the mail ( cause its free!)
  • Recycle on Saturday (the bin is getting full)
  • Go to the Library on Saturday or the mobile library (see last post, plus bored with no Harry Potter to read)
  • March Budget update with receipts (getting behind...oh no!!!!!)
  • Make a salad lunch for tomorrow (salad is good for you, and if I do yoga I don't have time to make my lunch)