Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vacation Food and Crafternoon

Vacation time with family has been great. Fun free entertainment. Exercise, laughter, a few eyes rolling at old habits, and a LOT of food. For example, today was free pastry day at Starbucks so we took advantage of that starting my morning with a vanilla bean frappachino and large slice of coffee cake. Then returned home to finish breakfast with a banana chocolate chip muffing. A 6 person game of croquet as the weather got colder and then returning to mom's for a large lunch. For "normal" people there was talapia fish fillet sandwiches with homemade tarter sauce. (pickey me, I had mac'n'cheese). I've been telling Mom that she needs to take a break so I cooked dinner tonight. I made a more summertime dish of a peppercorn and garlic salad dressing and garlic rubbed steak. The men cooked the steak for me and I got the rest of it ready. Except for starting the steak late, everything was ready and on time, which is a big goal of mine. I believe this is is the first time I've made twice baked potatoes and thought they were delicious. I put all kinds of unhealthy and delicious stuff in the stuffed part so that was wonderful. Probably could have used a bit more salt. The sliced steak went on top of the salad with dressing. I also had before the snow started falling, fresh chives and garlic scapes from the garden which were DELICIOUS and remind me why the yard work is worth it. I didn't plan a dessert but ended up making brownies while we played Dutch Blitz. So, a lot of food all day long. Good thing there is some exercise combined between most meals.

Still no good camera cord so only a few at home pictures at a time for now. :(

Today was crafternoon and although I forgot to take pictures (just a bad day for remembering!) we had blackberry smoothies and pie crust cookies with blackberry centers. I wasn't super inspired but made some simple and fun cards. I'll need to figure out what I'm doing for Easter soon as it is NEXT week!

Finally, these are the new plastic plates mom got me for "First Day of Spring," aka reason to give gifts for Mom. They coordinate wonderfully with my accent wall and have some extra variety which I enjoy. Sometimes the lightweight plastic plates are just better than ceramic. Thanks Mom!