Monday, March 22, 2010

Vacation, Hiking, ROCKS!

Spring break started early with a sweet snow day. I am a bit bummed my camera cord and yoga mat and perhaps some questionable food were left in my room but nothing like a day off that can cure any other worries. And it was a day off, not a snow day. If nothing sticks to the roads and when the snow day is called there is in fact none of the 'white stuff' I call it a day off. Good call!

So far with vacation Karin and her sister there have been many mini adventures. Hikes at Garden of the Gods, Red Rocks Open Space, and Waldo's Canyon, (both of which were super muddy!). Outside exercise rocks! Exercise in general rocks especially when you have to make room for the next meal because mom won't stop making food. Top hits include burritos, pretzels, pudding dessert, taco salad, banana chocolate chip muffins, and a never ending supply of fresh fruit. Yum!
We did a little thrift shopping where I got a sweater and Jenny found tons of sweet clothes including a cK beaded shirt that :(...looked better on her than me so she got it. It's a dark turquoise and has super detailed beading at the neck and sleeves. After hanging with friends we also did our nails so it feels like spring time with new clothes, freshly painted nails, and time outdoors.

We went to the Rock and Worship Roadshow at the World Arena for a LOUD rockin' show. My excitement was for the David Crowder Band which I thought was the highlight of the show. Mercy Me had some great stage graphic's and a great closing moment but there's nothing like a packed full arena screaming worship to God! I've been to another David Crowder Band concert and it was just as high energy and intense to see so many people worshipping our God! Of course, the $10 ticket was sweet too.