Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I found a blog discussing why adults don't have to act like grown up's and how to avoid "Adultitis." In an excerpt from this blog:

"Most people have a hard time admitting that they’re be living by rules that don’t exist. At first glance, it might be hard to even think of any. But if they were that easy to spot, you probably wouldn’t be living by them in the first place. (Duh.) The trick is that they’re sneaky and subconscious. They’re baked in, and reinforced by many years of repetition and adherence, so they seem normal to us. They are often disguised as conventional wisdom."

My rules that don't have to exist:

  1. Sleeping on the same side of the bed each night.
  2. Using nicer plates, cups, and serving ware with guests - always!
  3. Saving leftovers from meals.
  4. People (co-workers, friends, even family) shouldn't know or be able to tell if I'm upset.
  5. Shirts and shoes should match.
  6. Food needs to be in small pieces for me to eat it.
  7. If something is free, I'll want to take it.
  8. Nothing will get done if I don't have a list.