Thursday, June 10, 2010

Creating Food

I've always loved to create food. The measuring, stirring, pouring, and cooking process has always brought a smile to my face. R>
Subcategorized, baking has usually been my preferred form of food preperation. I started out baking, which makes sense. No unsafe food preparation methods (except for this day I haven't had salmonella from testing the batter) so it is a safe start. Lots of measuring is usually involved which is wonderful for those math skills.

Oh...the possibities. Cupcakes with great wrappers, wonderful cake pans that slid beautifully shaped cakes out, tart pans with the fluted edges, springform pans that release the sides for a perfect edge, beautiful torte dishes, cake pedestals to hold any creating. Then the decorating with ganache, buttercream frosting, smooth cream cheese frosting, chocolate drizzle, fruit slices, and every color of sprinkles.

This girl loves to create in the kitchen. Always have.