Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Looking for Distraction

So frequently I look for tasks that I can become obsessed with to distract me from the boring mundane tasks all the way to the severely serious. This year that cycle started with reading the Harry Potter series in the span of approximately a month. Since that early spring endeavor I have finished 10-15 books (the time span on a few of those is a bit fuzzy).

Then the garden...which currently is in a serious state of weed anarchy takes up time when at all possible.

Much to my chagrin, this week a "teacher" class "Orton-Gillingham" has threatened and successfully taken over the daytime hours all DAY!

I sometimes struggle to find balance between my distraction and what I am trying to ignore, but am so thankful for those moments of distraction where it is just me and the...book...garden...recipe....even (dare I say) the leg numbing week long class.
The idea of balance is a tricky scale to balance. Life is not always in our control, yet how we react is in our control. As those scales of life and balance shift, so must we. Shift too far and we'll fall off one end, change nothing and the scale will bottom out. Lord, help!