Friday, June 4, 2010

Brunch Check List

I'm so excited to have a friend I don't get to see very often over for brunch tomorrow.

1. I love hosting people at our house.

2. It gives me a deadline which I usually need to get something done.

3. I get to have a glimpse of that "magazine" life when everything is tidy, neat, and put away. are the must do's, and some should do's.

  • make food.

  • put clean dishes away (this is on every list...)

  • vacuum

  • de-clutter living room, kitchen, office, uh.....everywhere

  • trash out

I should also...

  • clean the bathroom

  • clean up more sticks from yard project :)

  • water the grass

  • do my laundry

  • make my custom picnic table cover

  • be excited !!! I am!!