Friday, June 4, 2010

Being Frugal Looks Like...

For me being frugal is important to help those times when penny pinching is important. However, I think it is more of a lifestyle and can feel great even when there are more than pennies in your pocket.

With a tip of the hat to for her list / inspiration for this post.

  1. Living on a budget to help keep track of spending and limit spending to stay within our means.

  2. Cutting down on eating out (we've only paid to eat out 5 times this year, those usually paired with a coupon or special deal.)

  3. Buying groceries with a sale + coupon deal to make them rock bottom prices and buying ahead.

  4. Cooking as much from scratch as I can.

  5. Shopping at garage sales and thrift stores (this is a #1 for me as I find amazing deals in peoples front yards!)

  6. Get books and entertainment at the library...even better the mobile library that comes to a shopping center nearby so there isn't driving involved!

  7. Stay at home. Fewer vacations, camping trips, "errand trips", etc. means spending less.

  8. Keep haircuts simple, colorless, and manageable.

  9. Reusing and figuring out alternative solutions to items we want to purchase.

  10. Stay healthy. Fewer germs, fewer health problems, fewer bills.

  11. Finding new ways to stay busy (board games, reading, gardening, cooking, projects, blogging).

  12. Sewing anything that is less expensive to sew than purchase (not everything is!).

  13. Gardening for fresh delicious produce. (also see #11).

  14. Making the most of my job to make sure I don't miss any opportunities to earn more money.

  15. Enjoy the simple life of having a friend over for breakfast instead of going out for coffee

  16. Not having kids...yet.

  17. Keeping the windows open on cool summer nights and buttoned up tight during the winter to mitigate those utilities.

  18. Realize our life doesn't have to look the same as other peoples.

  19. Have faith.