Friday, February 5, 2010


Yesterday I was able to spend time with a good friend and pursue on of my favorite hobbies - baking! We made cranberry pistachio biscotti and mocha chocolate shortbread. As you can see from the picture (similar but not exactly the same as mine....aka Internet not Karin picture) I find the biscotti recipe to be the winner between the two. Not just because when taking one of the mocha chocolate shortbread's out of the oven I dumped the entire thing in between the door and floor of the oven. ...smooth...

I find that I enjoy my time with people the most when we are actively doing something and can have a conversation within the context of completing something, useless or useful. Then, as any good friend will do, when posed a hum-dinger of a question you have a few seconds (while measuring flour for the 4th time) to ponder your thoughtful response. Sometimes I find myself answering too quickly and then changing my thought mid-way through my sentence. I hope to become more aware of what I'm speaking before I say anything. Perhaps this is a bad habit teachers have when their entire job is teaching and talking for the whole day.

I do find it curious that I seem to be focusing on food for the majority of my posts thus far. It can be a big part of life, but I would in some ways like to think there is more to it! Other items I would like to do include making lists (of lists of what I want to do), cleaning, organizing, creating (most anything) and reading. Today I didn't get to make my list yet, did finish creating what I'm going to call my poetry workbook for this year, and did a bit of organizing at school. Loading the dishwasher and leaving messes elsewhere in the kitchen may not qualify some people for cleaning but for me it counts! So overall, except reading I plan to fulfill all my wildest dreams (lol) today. I may even finally finish Abigale Adams tonight. It's been fun but I'm ready for some fiction and action!

Tomorrow's to-do list (since I didn't make my list yet I might as well here)
clean everything (this means everything that looks messy, ie kitchen, floors, stuff in piles, and if I become extraordinarily motivated my clothes and night stand with piles of clothes on it)
bake 1-2 treats (Valentine's oriented)
decorate for the holiday of love
grocery shop the deals
Have a peaceful and productive Saturday!