Thursday, February 25, 2010


So I have no plans of switching jobs or applying for another position. But I did start thinking if I didn't update my resume or at least keep a list of a few committees and programs I've worked with I'll start forgetting them. So I did that this afternoon. It was interesting to see I've worked with some groups for all 3 years of teaching and some for just one. I'm happy with what I'm involved with, but curious to see what else I might someday become involved with that I'll be able to write on a resume.

On a side note I had a momentary panic this afternoon when I received an email that my request to move over on the salary scale was denied because I was 1/2 credit short. I had counted those numbers so many times they had to equal 16! I thankfully got ahold of HR and found out I had written one course number wrong and it was an easy fix. I can't believe I did that! At least it was fixed and all is well. *sigh*

Of course the minor change in pay will be nice. However, even as exciting is the fact that I set a goal 2 and 1/2 years ago to get to a certain point and met (in my opinion) it with some serious scheduling and hard work. I have an Excel spreadsheet keeping track of everything and had written Jan 1, 2010 as my goal date when that seemed like forever in the future. I'm just a month off and so thrilled! Setting goals works, (with hard work of course)! I doubt I would have felt like the work and time was all worth it or felt a greater purpose without setting an ambitious goal for myself.

That being said, I'm a bit sad that I'm finished and not sure what goal to tackle next! I'd say I'll relax but doubt I'll be satisfied with some greater purpose.