Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm here....do I have to work?

This week is going to be a marathon work week. I have 2 nights with classes until 7:30 and tonight until 7:30 helping with a a parent night at school. Then Friday is "valentine's" day so that will be an epic day of drama and otherwise irritating activities I fear. There is a lot of fun activities going on but the sheer exhaustion of working 11-12 hour days several days in a row with no (it seems like) end in sight is tiring.

That being said I'm writing down my to do list so I make the few hours between two activities useful.
  • Grade 4-5 sets of papers
  • organize math chapter 8 copies
  • file professional development papers into binder
  • start hole punching poetry books for binding :)
  • organize copies
  • file away book orders

and try to stay focused and feel productive to get something done!