Monday, February 1, 2010

Yoga and Dinner

I went to yoga after school. It felt great and we worked harder than other weeks which I really enjoyed. I find a lot of peace when doing balancing poses and have to completely clear my mind and focus on keeping in the pose.

Some groceries after work and now baked chicken and potatoes are in the oven. I fear there might be too much liquid but I certainly do not enjoy dry chicken or dry potatoes so we'll see what happens when the timer goes off.

It is interesting that over the weekends I often have little to no energy or care to get anything done. Then I come home from work and have several projects I want to complete, laundry I want to do, and cleaning that doesn't seem so awful as it did on Saturday or Sunday.

Goal this week is to post a picture or two from life around here. Not hard, just one more item on the to do list.