Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's version 1

I've had (though my memory isn't super precise here) a variety of Valentine's Days. For a preValentine's Day moment I had a few friends over to just let them know how important friends are in life and got to share tea, lemon wedges (aka lemon bars in a spiffed up form with fluted edges from a tart pan) and biscotti with them.

Growing up mom always had little Valentine's treat bags with "stuff" like notepads and fun pencils that we would get that morning. We usually also got fancy breakfast which was exciting. Nice work mom.

That being said I feel as though Valentine's day can lead to people feeling fairly unhappy because they aren't being loved by the person they hoped for or in a way they wish would happen. I'm guilty of this as well, however, have done my best to take steps in the right direction. Step one is to do my best to make sure that friends and family know I love them. Can't guarantee it's their number one wish for Valentine's Day, but I know I enjoy finding out other people love and cherish I better do the same. Step two is to try to keep a handle on all things super over romantic. Life isn't a movie, so don't cheapen your life by trying to make it like one. That being said I hope I'm happy with however my Valentine's Day turns out. (I've had some really cool ones, and some less than stellar.) So, step one in Valentine's Day has been in the right direction for me!