Friday, February 19, 2010

Fresh Snow

What if there was something like fresh snow for our heart and mind and soul?

I love how snow covers up all the flaws outside and makes a beautiful white display of all things beautiful. Sometimes it can hide tiny imperfections like the dead grass, cracks in the sidewalk, or a pothole but the world always looks beautiful after a snow.

I'm jealous of the ground when it snows as it receives an immediate make over. The flaws still exist and if your foot goes in the wrong spot the imperfection will once again stare you in the face. But for a few hours until the sun beats down or a few days until the temperature rises all is covered by a beautiful blanket.

I know Christ's death on the cross does this for me. I just wish it felt the same way as a fresh snowfall. Blaring obvious, changing my daily habits, and making that which it covers beautiful. (There is always the chance of cancelled school with snow but I'm ok that this isn't a precise part of Christ's plan)

So I'll take the snow as a sign that it is meant to remind me of Christ's unabashed love for his bride. Even if I don't get to have the snowfall wash over me and make me white as snow, I can enjoy everything around me where it has (and thank God for a warm home so I'm not in the snow).