Sunday, February 7, 2010

Utensils and Cards

While on a super saving grocery trip this week where I saved at least 30 dollars using coupons and sales I also found Mr. Fork and Mrs. Spoon to use as salad tongs for a dollar each. I added our toast tongs just because they matched. A good day for salad everywhere!

Now just to remember not to leave them sitting in water so nothing gets warped or ruined. I also had the rocks handy because I decided to wash/rinse/or dust most of our decorations yesterday. That included 2 vases with river rocks, candle holders, picture frames, and who knows what else. The happy couple will live with the rest of the serving ware but got a fancy home for picture time.

Also exciting today was making Valentine cards for various people that I will see / mail to / or send some other way. I had one or two from

other times so I had a mix of cards to finish, make, or otherwise get ready to use. I'm a big fan of the ones I made. I didn't have the right size / color of paper to make the ones for my students yet so that will have to be another post.