Sunday, May 9, 2010


eeeweee, right?

Well, yes. But I'm trying. Right now it is only compostable food stuff from the kitchen. I have tons of leaves, grass clippings, etc. that I would like to include someday but right now digging a hole in the ground and dumping it in there is the first step.

I'm not too concerned about some of the more debatable items like egg shells going in there because I know it does help the soil, and am not concerned about it taking a long time to decompose. I've got lots of space to dig a new compost hole.

Which brings me to how to compost. I don't have a fancy container that I can spin and rotate and fill and empty easily. My philosophy ..right now.. is to put items that can help the soil into the ground. If it is a fruit or vegetable, its waste, gone bad, or otherwise not eatable, I'd rather the nutrients go into my soil, not a landfill. I would like to have a pile going eventually that I can include the grass clippings in, however, because there is so much grass that could end up being a tall order.
I would like to think that some hard work is worth keeping my soil quality high. It is tempting to see all those chemicals that will kill each weed on the spot. But if my tomato's, mint, basil, or lettuce is growing anywhere nearby, I DON'T WANT THAT IN MY BODY!!!