Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cool Weather Gardening

Sneaky people dropping off plants for me!

Peony Shoots (Should be big!)

Strawberry Blossom - I'll get at least 1 berry

Not much has been happening with this gardener this week. The garden that is in the ground continues to flourish but I haven't done much more.

However, there is finally some spring scent in the air. I know, Colorado is a bit slow. A new lilac shoot decided to show off and be the first to bloom. The smell is wafting through the house and does give me some motivation to continue planting.

Goals this week:
  • Plant lettuce in ground
  • Water seeded marigolds / pansy's in brick beds
  • check amount of border / transition material that we already have to see where it will fit
  • Get rhubarb and plant starter plant (or two?)