Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pictureless Mother's Day

This morning after trying out a new Sunday School class (I liked it, good straightforward teaching and good "looking"(personality) people) it was time to prepare brunch for mom.

The menu included:

Chocolate chip pancakes

Quiche with fresh chives and monetary jack cheese

Scrambled eggs with tomato, bacon, and chives

Blackberry smoothies

Baguette with brie, tomatoes, bacon, cucumber topping

and for dessert

cupcake brownies with chocolate frosting and a chocolate covered espresso bean

And I forgot to take a picture :(

We ate outside with the picnic table in the grass. (Imagine colorful table cloth, bright white china with sparkly glasses, and delicious food)

It was lovely... isn't the grass green :)
As you can see from the (Oh, man I forgot) picture the tablecloth is very necessary as a squirrel decided to sample the vinyl covering.