Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunny Day

Sunny but windy today. A bit wind whipped and still slightly crisp on the edges from the sun at track day yesterday.

Thought a nice Wordle of my recent blog posts would be appropriate. Apparently I 'need to know much, really'. Not quite what I would prefer to be the most frequent words used on my blog but it is what it is. I truly don't know all that much, but maybe that is why I like to point out what it is that I do in fact know.

I finished The Poisonwood Bible on Sunday. I liked it and thought it had great characters and in depth analysis of their lives and situations. I tend to like a bit more plot driven / mystery / action / semi-surprise ending type of books so in that I was a bit miffed and didn't know what to do with the ending. I believe this book would be more fun to do as a book study / book club than just a solo read.

I'm into chapter 7 of Amy Tan's "The Bonesetter's Daughter" and finding that it has an appropriate amount of intrigue paralled with realistic lives and circumstances. It also has great potential to have some wonderful twists and turns. I know Amy Tan frequently writes about mother daughter relationships and this one is no different.

I love that I have an amazing realtionship with my mom. Puts many book characters and real life characters into perspective when I have a great lady to compare the rest of those "mom's" to.

I'm excited to prepare a Mother's Day brunch for her on Sunday so I'll be posting plans for that soon.