Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day To Do

To Do:
Inside -
  • do laundry and put it away (this one always comes back on my list!)
  • organize some special garage sale finds so everything is 'ready to go'
  • iron a few items if it isn't over 65 degrees
  • empty dish washer
  • vacuum
  • clean and put tons! of shoes away
  • make dessert for party Monday
  • find steak marinade recipe
  • work on crafty bookmark project

Outside -

  • pull up landscaping border that is hidden / buried / useless by west fence
  • replace landscaping border on east fence to border the grass
  • plant more shasta daisy, basil, zinnia, and now pole beans
  • trim low hanging brances on trees and bushes
  • transplant some day lilys into a 'bald' spot
  • weed