Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hike 1 - North Cheyenne Canyon

I know it is a bit presumptive to label this hike 1 but with the goal of hiking more than once at North Cheyenne Canyon this summer it's the goal. I hiked on Saturday with a friend and enjoyed sitting by the water away from the wind. It was a crazy windy day (as facebook posters suggested, 300mph winds aren't fun). I did yard work in the morning and hiked in the afternoon. Except for being starving hungry for dinner, it was a great day!

We hiked the seven bridges trail that follows the river UP the canyon. It keeps going up into an aspen grove and beyond but my legs and body were too tired and hungry from already gardening that morning to keep going. So....

However, once in the trees it was much easier. I seemed to forget how to dress and had a black tank top, black baseball hat, and no sunscreen. Needless to say I had an overheated head and burnt arms.

I was a bit frustrated that I was as tired as I was hiking up but ran back down the trail like a good ol' trail runner. Running downhill on a trail is one of my all time favorite activities. Makes it worth going up and everything.

And for dinner :

I was grumpy hungry and had 2 whole cobs of grilled corn on the cob. YUM!