Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freezer Fix Up

So far this is almost one of the best Garage Sale finds to date. The extra chest freezer was free a long time ago from some people, but came without any kind of storage help. Usually most chest freezers have some kind of hanging basket system, which mine did not. I tried to use boxes and other systems but they were each a systematic failure. So typically it has been just piles of food that I occasionally dig through to find the bottom. All in all, pretty disastrous. (aka, not willing to take a "before" picture"). But for $2 today I found a basket that I'm sure came originally from a freezer and lo' and fit!!!

The new basket in a freshly defrosted freezer - AMAZING!!!

Here's what is in there now. Also, as I put items back in I made a list of what was in there so it isn't a surprise what's there!

Now I should probably look at the small freezer to see what is in there that needs to be "fixed-up".