Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shopping Saturday With Mom

Great Deals area always just waiting to be found!

I'd seen this top at Kohls and loved the shrug but wasn't about to pay $68 for it, and a dress I didn't really need. (I know, $68?!)

Well, Mom had a 10 dollar off coupon and I had $17 in store credit from some returned earrings from Christmas. A few weeks later, the dress was on clearance and I ended up paying with 6 quarters :).

I am planning on adding a 3 inch black trim on the bottom. It isn't skanky short but a bit longer and I would be more comfortable wearing it. So some crafternoon I'll tackle that project.

In addition to my great deals mom got duplo legos for $1.50 and two 30qt storage drawers for $1 each! Wahoo!

I also got at a fundraiser garage sale a under armor hoodie. The last thing I really need is another hoodie, but none of mine are "generic" and either have highschool stuff and my maiden name on them or 1 from my sister's college. So generic hoodie here we come. It is freshly washed and clean and ready for a cloudy afternoon.